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The Pock Mark Award

For the worst planning decision

Beauly to Denny powerline (Scotland)

Area: Highlands
Reason: Unbelievable that a Scottish government can approve a monster of an eyesore like this in the most beautifull wilderness of Europe Nominated by: Rene In absolute agreement. This from an SNP government too. Where is the polluter pays principle when you really need it. Add in the health risks and this is an outright winner for the 2010 Carbuncle Award

It gets my vote too. One-hundred and fifty miles of beauty to a permanant scar and heath risk that dwarfs everything. It's an outright winner.

hear hear
ian mccall

Can think of no better way to describe it but a rape of our landscape and heritage by our own blind government. I think you can also count in all the supporters of Stirling Before Plyons, Cairngorms Revolt against Plyons, Braco Pylons Campaign and Pylon Pressure and all the people who signed the petitions.

If there was ever a reason for direct action, this is one. The desecration of the wilderness to profit already expoitative and bloated energy companies, at no benefit to those having to suffer the power lin (and indeed to their detriment), this is planning worthy of worldwide ridicule.
Lori fae Dingwall

Bellshill town centre "regeneration" (Lanarkshire)

Reason: Councils disasterous "regeneration" has turned a once busy little town into a one track giant car park
Nominated by: John Devlin

Highland Housing Fair (Inverness)

Area: Balvonie
Reason: the so-called "housing fair" on greenfield area miles out of town, only accessible by car Nominated by: Jane Munro Perhaps you are unaware that they are part of a national competition for affordable housing. You truely think that such prototype designs should be built inner city for people like yourself to later nominate for the award again....get a grip.
A Defender

Raploch Town Centre (Scotland)

Area: Stirling
Reason: Who in their right mind at the Scottish Government awarded this project £1.2m from the town centre regeneration fund!? It completely goes against the spirit of the awards scheme! This isn't a town centre, despite how it is allocated in Stirlings Local Plan! The £1.2m allocated to this unbuilt private sector development could have been better used in more deprived towns.
Nominated by: PC Gone Mad

Selfridges (Scotland)

Area: Candleriggs, Glasgow
Reason: What a site! The former Goldbergs store in Glasgow city centre. Nominated by: Nemesis Republic This place has been lying empty for years. Surely it should be fairly straightforward to follow London’s example and use abandoned inner city sites and form temporary public spaces. But out of who's pocket will this come from? John B o EK (26) Just as an aside, how is this for predicting the future.
John B o EK (26)

Southern Distributor Road (Inverness)

Reason: Already horrifically expanding town gets a new road to aid even more soulless modern housing estates because, er, they can. Nominated by: DM

Trumpton (Aberdeenshire)

Ruining a SSSI for some rich American to become even richer. Trump is not interested in the golf course. He is interested in the homes which will be empty for 11 month of the year. This will not bring tourism to the north east and will be a blight on a senic, largely unspoilt stretch of coast line.
Nominated by: Andrew

Walmart (Scotland)

Many people complained about a Wal-Mart taking away from the local business of the nearby small twon of Sewickley. They decided to try and bulid it anyway. The plan was to demolish the old mental hospital (which was abondon) and bulid a new Wal-Mart atop the hill. Problem was, the hill was wasn't stable enough at the time. The rush to fill their 2008 promise was pressuring them, so they tried to make the land sturdy as possible, quick as possible. They obviously didn't do too good of a job. After a heavy rain, the hill collapsed, covering 4 lanes of highway traffic and two railroad tracks. Cleanup took about 2 weeks in total and caused the Wal-Mart to be reconsidered. They still haven't built it.
Nominated by: George Kipilo III

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