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The Zit Building Award

For the worst building completed since the last awards

Antonine Centre (Lanarkshire)

Area: Cumbernauld Reason: Although much required by the people of Cumbernauld. It is fundementally a big shed! Inside it is stark, everything is white. The anchor store, Dunnes, is a poor example. Dubbed Irelands version of M&S, it is an overhyped, one level, poorly equiped corner shop. You judge a shopping experience by its variety. You still can't by a resonably priced suit (not unless you are below average size and want to pay a fortune at River Island). Soon it'll be like the main centre - Pound shops and card shops! Nominated by: Andy Wilson I also think the centre is very disappointing. Claire Jenkins When Cumbernauld was being criticised in the past , through the Carbuncles and the Demolition programme, local politicians said the new centre would put resolve the problems of the town centre, creating new public space and a new focus of activity. In order to have really done that would have taken a great deal of design skill and imagination. Instead we just got a standard retail box, which creates less of a sense of place than the Tescos. Nominated by: carl

BBC Scotland (Glasgow)

Area: Glasgow waterfront Reason: A box of delights? Or just a big box of shit? A waste of licence payer money - or just a waste of money? Ask the 200 staff in Scotland that will be getting laid-off soon... Nominated by: The Passion A totally ugly and uninspired huge glass shoebox, looking like a badly planned shopping mall or power station, contrasting badly with the Science Centre and other surrounding buildings which have had a bit of though put into them. KB

Canniesburn (Glasgow)

Area: Old Canniesburn hospital Reason: Look at them. Nominated by: craigmcm

Etap Hotel (Glasgow)

Etap Hotel
Area: Sprinfield Quay, Glasgow Reason: Absolutly dire monstrosity of a building designed by a monkey! Nominated by: Tony Newman I concur, its certainly ugly. Mind you at £32 a night per room - you gets what you pays for! Jasamy If the remit of the planners was to design the hotel 'in-keeping' with the surrounding architecture - then they've done a good job in my opinion. Brucey Now now, don't be cruel to monkeys Elaine

Glasgow Harbour (Glasgow)

Glasgow Harbour
Area: River Clyde Reason: Poor architecture, kills the riverfront, piss poor composition, there\'s surely more to scottish architecture than white render [poo coloured in a year] and terracotta cladding, terrible piece of urban design, lack of amenity, monotonous, the cladding panels look shit, nearest shop is a BP Garage, has all the characteristics of a ghetto but without the poor people, great view of the Clyde Expressway. Producing a masterplan that splits the site into 'zones'; commercial, residential, leisure is an idea that would get booted out at a first year crit. No character and no diversity of usage or building typology. Probably the most depressing example of contemporary place making I have ever come across in the whole of Scotland Nominated by: lee dreadful concept, unfortunately the architects think it's great but is truly uninspiring as all their other recent designs. Why build a modern slum. Nominated by: k/enny you forgot to mention overpriced! i think it was over £200k for a pokey 1 bed flat! Stromboli yeah, your right, i did miss that. So small you you can't have a shag lying down. lee Think you captured the character of the place very well Lee. But don't worry, they'll probably be demolishing them in another 40 years (as has done with many of the planning decisions of the 60's - will they ever learn)? Elaine

Metropole (Glasgow)

Area: Clyde Street Glasgow Reason: Cheap "Tesco" Architecture Poor Finishing a building so ugly the roof blew off Nominated by: Abbey Donaldson Maybe since they've closed Paddy's Market the retail units on the ground floor might get taken up? Brucey

Missoni Hotel (Edinburgh)

Missoni Hotel
Area: Royal Mile Reason: It was a disgrace that the council buildings were ever allowed to be built on the royal mile so I rejoiced when they were finally torn down. However , amoungst all the medievel finery at this corner of the Royal Mile and George 4 bridge I see that a glass and chrome monstrosity is going to be built! Why cant we just copy the rest of the buildings surrounding it!! Nominated by: Stephen

New Council building (Lanarkshire)

Area: Scott St, Motherwell Reason: A huge and ugly building adding to the hundreds of properties already owned by North Lanarkshire Council. Nominated by: KB

River Heights (Glasgow)

Area: glasgow Reason: another blot on the landscape Nominated by: sfg

Scottish Gas HQ (Edinburgh)

Scottish Gas HQ
Area: Waterfront Avenue, Edinburgh Reason: It looks like a hamster cage. People often comment \"I wonder when they\'re going to take the scaffolding down.\" Nominated by: Luther Blisset

Scottish Parliament (Glasgow)

Scottish Parliament
Area: Hollyrood Edinburgh Reason: This must be the most stupid looking building in Scotland and the biggest waste of public money. Nominated by: Bill H. One Word! Disgraceful Chris McGeough £400,000,000 pounds of mince. Scotland's shame. Tom McBrearty It is disappointing to hear such narrow minded views. The parliament represents a new and bold direction for Scotland. Costs spiralled due to many factors including the client, death of architect and fire stoking by the media. I think the building is amazing and is a real credit to Scotland. Colin C I'd agree with the criticism on cost and it does remind me of one of those absent minded doodles you do when waiting in a queue on the telephone ! Certainly modern but little evidence of reference to our country's history. 5/10. Barboy The Scottish Parliament building was a bold vision, a statement of a braver forward looking country, an opportunity to put in place a government for the people of Scotland, and a beacon to the new enlightment sweeping Scotland. But in its planning, design, construction, and subsequent utility it has failed on all accounts. It has left Scotland mentally and financially bankrupt, and exposed the politicians as charletons hiding the truth fro the electorate. Absolutely shameful. Just as the brave new worlds of Le Corbusier and Sir Basil Spence come crashing around our feet, in time so will this 'lamb dressed as mutton'. Is it no wonder people retreat to the past when this is the best we can come up with for the future. Tariq Aslam A waste of public money, time etc. It doesn't blend in well with the surrounding area. I wouldn't even visit if it was free. Ghastly Helen Maybe if you do visit, you would have a different opinion. The spaces inside are stunning. Be a bit more original and stop laying into the Parliament... Miralles

Shields Road car park (Glasgow)

Reason: what else do you put in front of a mack building? a car park so we can all see it driving into the city instead of Scotland Strret Schhol Nominated by: sfg

Showcase Cinemas (Lanarkshire)

Area: Coatbridge Reason: A neon nightmare. Nominated by: Yvonne God love ya ! I suppose you would rather everybody especially the kids travelled to glasgow to watch a film? How petty and selfish some people can be . Shame on you !! col.

Upper Strand (Edinburgh)

Upper Strand
Area: Granton, Edinburgh Reason: This building is a disgrace, no wonder the public hold architects in such low esteem. The problem? It's just plain ugly! It also bears a remarkable resemblance to the Chancelot Mills flour plant just down the road Nominated by: Lindsay Buchan

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