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The Pock Mark Award

For the worst planning decision

Commonwealth Games Village (Glasgow)

Area: Glasgow, East End Reason: Tomorrows slums today. Dreadful heartless design. No town centre. Cars rule. Nominated by: Andy Wilson

Edinburgh (Edinburgh)

Area: everywhere in Edinburgh Reason: cheap rabbit hutches erected to take advantage of the property boom. Now they are starting to block the view of the sea at Granton, a huge missed oppertunity Nominated by: Patrick

Glasgow Harbour (Glasgow)

Area: Glasgow Reason: High rise nightmare of the future unfolding in front of our eyes. Nominated by: craigmcm

Hoover Factory (Lanarkshire)

Hoover Factory
Area: Cambuslang Reason: The 39 acre site was purchased by the Dawn Group in 2006 for £15m. Along with adjoining land owners, they have submitted a master plan for the redevelopment of the Hoover site containing a mixture of business and residential uses. The last thing we need is more housing, more industrial/office units (we have Gateway Glasgow and the Investment Park). A massive strain on our road system and a real lack of vision from South Lanarkshire Council Nominated by: Elaine Smith

Pub and club in former underground station (Glasgow)

Area: Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Reason: Okay, this has not got full planning permission yet - but it would be a disaster for one of Glasgow's best parks. This oasis of calm in Glasgow's West End would be well and truly breached. And anyway, does this area really need more pubs? Nominated by: Angus

Ravenscraig (Lanarkshire)

Reason: I fear that bad planning may turn this development into a future contender for The Plook on the Plinth! Nominated by: Brucey This 'New Town' was originally rejected by the Scottish Government. Yet NLC still go ahead with it. All it's going to do is pull money and resources from the rest of NL, leaving the rest of us worst off. Thunder How long to get to this stage! North Lanarkshire Council at their best and still no buildings and the draught shows this project can only harm local business. AuldNick The site is owned and being developed by Ravenscraig Ltd who are a partnership of Scottish enterprise, Corus and Wilson Bowden Developments. North Lanarkshire Council control of the development is minimal. Check yer facts Nicky the Starth

Springfield Quay (Glasgow)

Springfield Quay
Reason: this was an area that could have been utilised and made into something good. they have allowed the most ugly building in Glasgow to be build there(casino) the buildings are not sensitive to one another and its just like they have thrown some metal boxes in the air and let them land where they want. horrific. Nominated by: julie robertson I have to agree with previous comments. An absolute disgrace and testament to the incompetence of the local planning department. ColinC Area: Alea Casino Reason: Seems almost unbelievable this monstrosity was allowed to go up in such a sensitive area. The Quay was bad to start off with but Glasgow seems hell bent on replicating Cumbernauld Town Centre on the Clyde. Nominated by: gordon Woeful... really, it is awful. It seems like they didn't employ an architect for this project. I could have done a better job. Alastair McDonald I whole heartedly support this nomination. This hotel could have significantly improved the quality of that impoverished space - instead they put the car park and the back end of the building facing on to the public realm. The casino opposite is equally disappointing - what on earth were the planners playing at? Claire Jenkins no explaination needed... the architects should be shot. Nominated by: julie robertson Apparently based on Nautical design, the only sea-fairing imagery that the massive glazed 'vag' and out-of sync cladding lines is of a WW2 Battleship being blown apart by a U Boat.. A disastrous addition to the Clydeside regeneration. Stewart Gibson

Tesco Town (Glasgow)

Area: Partick Reason: Totally out of proportion with the rest of the area. Tesco knocked down the historic Partick Station. Wasted opportunity for use of this space. Nominated by: Alastair McDonald

Tradeston redevelopment (Glasgow)

Reason: They've only just started on the project and already there's problems (with the quay wall steel pinning structure collapsing), as well as running overbudget on the proposed bridge and bulldozing listed buildings!! What next for this blighted project. Nominated by: Santa another bridge how are they going to dregge the river. It is only a matter of time before the slums of the future are washed away by flooding the watcher

Troon waste transfer/recycling plant (Ayrshire)

Troon waste transfer/recycling plant
Area: Troon seafront / Barassie beach Reason: Given a beautiful seafront, a wide curving sandy beach, a stunning view over to Arran and close proximity to the attractive yacht haven development, what would you plan in? The first thing to spring to most people's mind's would not be a large waste dumping site complete with big waste containers and horrible high fencing. However the planning authorities in Ayrshire have seen fit to blight this beautiful spot in this way. Shame on them. Nominated by: D Young

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