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COSENTINO - Inspiring people through innovative and sustainable spaces

Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. Cosentino works together with its clients and partners to provide with solutions that offer design and value and inspire the life of many people.

With the involvement of its customers and partners, this leading company imagines and anticipates design solutions that offer value and inspiration to people’s lives. This goal is made possible by pioneering brands that are leaders in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton®, Sensa by Cosentino®; technologically advanced surfaces which allow create unique spaces and designs for the home and public spaces.

The group has based its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development programme, respect for the environment and sustainability, its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, training, equality, and job security.

The Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands in more than 110 countries, from its headquarters in Almeria (Spain), and it’s present with its own assets in 30 of them. The group has 8 factories (7 in Almeria, Spain and 1 in Brazil), 1 intelligent logistic platform in Spain, and 140 commercial and business units throughout the world.

Since 1979, the company’s process of expansion and research has led it to apply the latest technology to produce innovative materials and high-value solutions for the world of architecture and design. Many architects and designers have shown their interest for Cosentino materials and developed diverse projects with Casentino’s brands.

Dekton Strato Façade

Dekton Strato Façade
Derry, N.I.

Dekton ® by Cosentino.

Dekton ® by Cosentino is an ultra-compact surface developed exclusively by the Cosentino Group R&D department. A leader in its field and setting the standard, Dekton® is a material highly resistant to scratching and abrasion, it has very low porosity and therefore almost non-existent water absorption and maximum resistance to stains. It has excellent colour stability due to its resistance against UV rays, and it can be used in any climate as it resists heat and thermal shock, even that caused by freezing and thawing. 2016 Dekton® obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), after analysing the environmental impact of its life cycle. In addition, Dekton offers 25-year warranty.

Dekton Kelya Flooring

Dekton Kelya Flooring

Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino is the leading global hybrid mineral surface for the world of architecture and design. With more than 30 years at the forefront of the market, Silestone® offers unique technical and design characteristics, such as high resistance and hardness, easy daily maintenance, high colour consistency and unparalleled beauty. Over the past few years, Cosentino has developed the innovative and exclusive N-Boost and HybriQ technologies. The use of these technologies has meant a qualitative leap in the evolution of Silestone® in terms of functionality, quality, beauty, and sustainability. Silestone® consists of a hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials, such as quartz, and materials of a recycled origin. Cosentino’s production process is an environmental success story, since it is carried out using 99% recycled water and 100% renewable electric energy, as well as reused raw materials.

The aesthetic and design possibilities of Silestone® are limitless for architecture and design professionals: it is available in over 80 colours and a wide range of textures and formats. It is a perfect surface for a large number of applications in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other professional spaces.

Silestone Sunlit Days Furniture Collection

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