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Cool features at Waverley Gate earn award

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August 6 2008

Cool features at Waverley Gate earn award
Developer Castlemore has obtained an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their Waverley Gate in Edinburgh.

The certificate give a building an asset rating based on its energy efficiency in a grading from A to G.  An A rating being the most efficient with correspondingly lower fuel bills.  The C rating awarded to Waverley Gate places it in the top 11 per cent of sustainable commercial buildings in the UK.

A contributing factor to this award was the incorporation of chilled beam technology.  Chilled water is pumped though a sequence of coils placed in ceiling spaces.  This cools adjacent air thus stirring a process of convection as temperature differentials excite air movement, eliminating the need for wasteful air conditioning.

Nigel Crump, spokesman for Castlemore, developers of Waverley Gate, commented:  "This EPC rating reflects our commitment to constructing an energy efficient and environmentally-friendly building, which, because of these efficiencies, can offer substantial savings in running costs over comparable product.

 “In fact, from a commercial perspective, Waverley Gate could, overall, save up to £24 million over 20 years in costs such as maintenance and energy consumption for its tenants."

 The building generates up to 30 per cent lower carbon emissions, up to 50 per cent more fresh air and consumes up to 30 per cent less energy with its active chilled beam system."

 Crump added: "Waverley Gate has experienced a dramatic growth in interest in recent months following the letting to Microsoft, which reflects a growing appreciation of the building's landmark status and being situated in one of the premier business locations in Edinburgh city centre."

From January 2009, all commercial buildings in Scotland over 50 square metres will need an EPC whenever they are let or sold. Any new building required a certificate after May 2007.

The £100 million redevelopment of the former GPO building on Waterloo Place at the end of Princes Street features 217,000 square feet of modern office space.

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