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Government awards £10m commercial spaceflight grants

February 9 2017

 Government awards £10m commercial spaceflight grants
The UK government is looking to seed commercial spaceflight companies with the award of a number of grants totaling £10m designed to encourage development of satellite launch facilities.

The cash will be made available to consortia developing ‘spaceport infrastructure’ and ‘launch vehicle technology’
Airfields at Prestwick, Campbeltown and Stornoway are amongst those vying to play host to a new breed of rocket planes and other launch systems capable of hauling satellites into low Earth orbit.

Science minister Jo Johnson commented: "Spaceflight offers the UK the opportunity to build on our strengths in science, research and innovation.It provides opportunities to expand into new markets, creating highly-skilled jobs and boosting local economies across the country. That is why it is one of the key pillars of our Industrial Strategy.

"We want to see the UK space sector flourish, that is why we are laying the groundwork needed for business to be able to access this lucrative global market."

To facilitate these ambitions a Spaceflight Bill containing the necessary regulatory and licensing framework is expected to be tabled by the end of the month.

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