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Provisional ONS salary data reveals widening pay gap amongst architects

November 22 2012

Provisional ONS salary data reveals widening pay gap amongst architects
The Office of National Statistics has today published provisional estimates for gross annual pay, providing a handy breakdown by occupation so you can see how you fare against the  national average.

This presents a breakdown of national earnings calculated on a mean (the average of all salaries) and median (the middle salary) basis

It found that the average gross median annual salary of Britain’s (approximately) 26,000 architects is £35,208, a 2.6% decline on a year ago. The comparable mean figure meanwhile, skewed upward by those raking in huge sums, is £42,563, a 0.8% increase.

This discrepancy suggests those on the top rungs are earning relatively more than those further down – who’ve seen their pay decline.

These figures mask a big variation in the sexes however with men taking home, on average, 25% more their female colleagues - £43,984 versus £35,486.

Comparable figures for Britain’s estimated 7,000 town planning officers show that their gross median annual salary was £30,375 +1.3%, almost identical to the mean figure.

Any of the UK’s 24,000 quantity surveyors meanwhile can expect to take home an average of £36,009 each year, a 1.1% increase on a year ago and the 55,000 chartered surveyors in the report each received £33,189, +2.6% (on average)

In Scotland the average figure for the estimated 37,000 people working in the skilled construction and building trades is £24,449, a 6% increase on a year ago - less than the UK national average salary of £26,500.

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