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'Lance the Boil' week concludes

February 11 2011

'Lance the Boil' week concludes
A week long exhibition, sponsored by Urban Realm, outlining alternative visions for the town of Denny has concluded.

Nearly a hundred people contributed to the four day marathon, perusing proposals tabled by UR readers and flying around a Virtual Reality model of the Stirlingshire town. Their feedback will now serve to inform our judges deliberations.

Wayne Hemingway, chair of the judging panel, said of the event: “Councils have to aspire to make their towns liveable for all levels of society and to provide a decent quality of built environment for their citizens.

“Carbuncles, such as the Denny blocks should have no place in modern society, they were a mistake and need to be dealt with if the most vulnerable are to improve their life chances and have a ‘happier’ place to live."

The winner will be revealed in the March edition of Urban Realm magazine.

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