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Right to Buy curtailed for new council tenants

January 14 2010

Right to Buy curtailed for new council tenants
The Scottish government is to end tenants right to buy in a move aimed at boosting the nations stock of council housing.  In East Lothian, an area emblematic of the challenges facing affordable accommodation, there are currently 5,000 households seeking a council home against a turnover of only 400 per annum across the county.

On a visit to a condemned block of flats in the region, Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neill MSP outlined his plans to “safeguard” such homes. 

These measures include a three year new build program to deliver 2,000 homes and concurrent reforms to Right to Buy legislation which will bar all new tenants from buying their homes, retaining up to a further 18,000 homes over 10 years.

The Conservatives have criticised the move, saying it will deny people the opportunity of owning their own home.

Some 500,000 council properties have been sold in Scotland since the 1980’s.

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