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The Mackintosh Symposium

December 15 2009

The Mackintosh Symposium
As part of their ongoing centenary celebrations marking 100 years since the completion of the Mackintosh Building The Glasgow School of Art have ran a “Mackintosh Symposium”, an opportunity for enthusiasts from around the world to debate Mackintosh’s legacy.

Professor J.R. Curtis in his keynote address proclaimed: “It’s a temple of transformations from ground to sky, concrete to wood, load and support, things that touch on mass that feel consensual but are deeply erotic”, describing the building as “memories and myth transformed into space, order, light and matter."

Pamela Robertson, Professor of Mackintosh studies and senior curator at the Hunterian Museum said: “Something Mackintosh liked to quote was that ‘architecture is frozen music’. The GSA is a friend, a building that welcomes and supports you.”

Emeritus Professor Andy MacMillan, former head of the Mackintosh stated: “As an exemplar I cannot think of any better, the building taught us more than anyone.”

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