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Japanese-style shogu distilling comes to the Cairngorms

August 7 2023

Japanese-style shogu distilling comes to the Cairngorms

London-based practice Ao-ft is venturing north to develop a small-scale Japanese-style shochu distillery on the Pityoulish East estate near Aviemore.

The Scotland Distillery seeks to work with the harsh climate of the Highlands while being respectful to the nearby Church of Kincardine, by replacing an existing shed with an adaptable space suited to future extension.

An outdoor covered space supported by columns extends across the southern elevation to make the most of views of the Cairngorms.

In a planning statement, the architects wrote: "In regards, to the natural environment we have restricted the width of the building to not exceed the current tree line. This ensures that the building fits within the nature.

"Looking at both mono-pitches we found the elevations to neighbouring buildings to be too intrusive. We feel that the pitched roof geometry provides protection from South facing sun and the drive, whilst still allowing for views across to the church and natural assets of the Cairngorms. The pitched roof geometry also responds to the buildings within the local context including the neighbouring Church of Kincardine."

The timber frame structure will be clad in cement-bonded particle board under a corrugated steel sheet roof. 

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