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Architect downgrade fears

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24 Jun 2008

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that its architects will be moved from its Land and Environment department into the Development and Regeneration Services team.

The Council has denied that the move will reduce the salary rates for architects which have been in place for the last two years. A spokesman confirmed the move, but said that it would not impact on any future pay proposals for architects

"Architects and other technical staff (e.g. engineers, surveyors etc) are all paid in accordance with a standard pay and grading scheme which was introduced by the Council in 2006, this will have put all architects onto the new grading structure which was introduced at that time," the spokesman said.

"Architects posts will have been evaluated in line with the standard process used to evaluate all other posts and the grade/pay will be in line with other technical posts. There has been no special arrangement to consider architects salaries out with this process."

"There are no plans to regrade GCC architects in the future and we are at a loss as to where this story has come from."

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