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  • Cathedral Street
    It may have narrowly missed out on a RIBA Stirling Prize but the Michael Laird/Reiach & Hall Riverside campus for City of Glasgow College has made waves far beyond the Clyde. With its bigger brother on Cathedral Street now complete we take a look around one of the largest specialist college buildings in Europe to see whether it has what it takes to go one better.
  • Sheffield
    John Lord continues his travels around northern England with a stopover in Sheffield. Will a return to city living and a new retail quarter be just the medicine this former industrial giant requires?
  • Architectural Competitions
    Mark Chalmers and Peter Wilson explores how the first big commission is crucial to young design-led practices, and how it can/ should come from winning a competition. Using Bolles-Wilson Architects as an example Chalmers will report on the situation in Europe whilst Wilson contrasts that with the paucity of opportunity at home.
  • Architecture Policy
    As the Festival of Architecture departs with a whisper rather than a bang Peter Wilson asks how architecture policy must change to tackle a housing crisis.
  • Interior Design
    Urban Realm’s spring interior design report will detail where fashion, trends and technology will take us over the year ahead. To achieve this we will pull together a dedicated showcase of sector leading work; including a series of case studies, a gallery spread and interviews to highlight how current thinking is shaping the profession. In doing so we will shine a light on the symbiotic relationship between architecture and interior design as demonstrated by the finest work… while casting one eye to the future by asking how the present day can help to inform what is yet to come.
  • Dunfermline Library & Galleries
    We take a look around the world’s first Carnegie Library to see how the space has been transformed by Richard Murphy Architects to provide a new cultural hub. Is the resulting fusion something to which future generations can be proud?
  • Alexander 'Greek' Thomson
    With the bicentenary of Alexander 'Greek' Thomson fast approaching Urban Realm takers a look at the master’s work to see how unkind the past 200 years of history have been to some of his finest works – capped by the scandal of the semi-derelict Egyptian halls.
  • Maquettes
    Despite technological advances architects continue to rely on models to test ideas and present their work. As a communication tool the medium remains unparalleled but how do they influence the stages of design?

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