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Vacancy Details - Architect

Posted on 12 Nov 2019


Company: The Highland Council

Salary: £35,362.60 - £38,656.80

Location: Highlands


To carry out the complete range of architectural duties allocated by the Principal Architect or Design Consultancy Manager.
To organise and manage the work of all allocated staff to ensure the most effective use of staff and resources in order that projects are completed on programme, within budget and to appropriate quality standards.
Undertake either as the Design Team Leader or individually, preparation of the full range of drawings and specifications for Council projects in accordance with office procedures, the RIBA Plan of Work and Architects’  Job Book, Highland Council’s Standing Orders, relevant statutory legislation and recognised good practice.
Assess possible building sites and existing buildings for condition and development potential. Design buildings and exercise cost control over the design and construction of those buildings and ensure that all statutory and central government proposals are obtained in accordance with project programmes and prior to the acceptance of a contractor’s tender.
Exercise quality control during the building programme by making regular site inspections to ensure works comply with all drawings, sketches, specifications and good work practice.
Ensure that site safety is maintained and that designs can be constructed in a safe manner, having continually assessed the risks as an integral part of the design process.
Assist the Principal Architect, maintain excellent contact with Project Managers and keep them informed as to all aspects of the design, construction and use of all buildings within their area of responsibility.
Evaluate and co-ordinate the work of staff engaged on projects and assess the workload of each individual.
Evaluate and allocate resources to each project based on the Design and Construction Programme.
In conjunction with the Principal Architect, allocate and distribute work to subordinates and control all aspects of the design process to ensure that the work will be completed on time and within budget.
Report on all projects to the Principal Architect and Design Consultancy Manager.
Liaise with the Area Assistant Property Managers to ensure that information revealed during maintenance inspections about the performance of buildings are used to improve the design of projects.
Advise the Principal Architect, Design Consultancy Manager or Head of Property on issues of detail during contractual disputes.
Liaise with and co-ordinate the work of external consultants including checking that consultants’ drawings and other documents meet project requirements.
Represent the Service as directed at Council Committees, Sub-committees and Working Parties.
Assist in the preparation of cost estimates for capital projects and maintenance activities.
Participate in the Council Performance Review Scheme.
Assist the Principal Architect to ensure that the staff under your control gain the correct training and experience and receive advice and assistance when required and that they are kept informed of statutory changes and changing Council policy and are provided with appropriate technical information about new building materials and methods of construction.
Bring all grievances and problems of a staff nature relating to Section staff under your control to the attention of the Principal Architect.
Undertake such other duties as may devolve upon the Service or may be assigned from time to time by the Director of the Development and Infrastructure Service, Head of Property, Consultancy Manager or Principal Architect.
The postholder may be required to perform duties appropriate to the post other than those given in the job specification. The particular duties and responsibilities attached to the post may also be varied without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. Such variations would not themselves justify a reconsideration of the grading. As a result of such variations it may be necessary to update this job specification from time to time.
The postholder will be required to maintain an awareness of Highland Council’s policies and objectives and be conversant with the latest statutory legislation relating to Property, Design, Technical, Corporate Governance, Health and Safety, Best Value and other pertinent matters.
A commitment to Continued Professional Development and an awareness of general construction industry changes in statutory legislation is also a requirement.
The postholder will require to attend sites and meetings across the Highland Council area. 


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