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Made in Scotland Loftus Signs and Engraving Ltd

Phone: 0131 551 2494


Made in Scotland Parker Signs

Phone: 01382 858 666


Made in Scotland Jackson Screenprint Ltd

Phone: 0141 649 6087


Made in Scotland FX Signs Ltd

Phone: 0141 810 4277


Orientation Wayfinding Interpretation Artworks

 As well as illuminated sign lettering, illuminated projecting signs and custom-made neon and neon-effect signage, we design and manufacture wall mounted and projecting lightbox signs and...

We design and manufacture traditional neon light signs using neon and tubing mounted on hand-cut acrylic as well as LED neon-effect signs which are cool to the touch. Both options are inexpensive...

We design and manufacture projecting lightbox, illuminated and non-illuminated projecting tray signs and plate signs. These can be made to exact size specifications, and are primarily for outdoor...

We design and manufacture various sign lettering options including flat cut lettering, 3D lettering and 3D illuminated lettering (halo and face illuminated). These are customisable in terms of...

If you need to provide wayfinding solutions in buildings, large sites or business premises, we produce a range of sign posts that can help. These including finger posts, monolith signs, post and...

We provide a variety of tray sign products incuding non-illuminated, illuminated, projecting and illuminated projecting tray signs.

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