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Marble Technoclassic Tile

 Marble Technoclassic Tile
The Technoclassic tile is the result of ongoing research to produce a revolutionary concept in natural stone, offering lightness, beauty and ease of handling whilst ensuring greater durability and hygiene. The tiles are a combination of natural stone and porcelain fused together with an unalterable resin to maximize the physical and mechanical properties. The result is a premium, technologically advanced laminated marble product. Because of its lightweight, it complies with weight restrictions applied when fixing to walls and also provides better heat transmission in underfloor heating systems. Technoclassic tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, as either a floor or wall covering, so you cover more space with one single product. Technoclassic is available in 3 finishes, honed, polished and aged.

Made in ScotlandMade in Scotland

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