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Thorn Lighting

Thorn Lighting

Four new ‘families’ of interior luminaires have been launched by Thorn.

With a single luminaire type, MenloSoft SR (1) solves the problem of lighting display screen areas while meeting recommendations for ceiling and wall illuminance ratio. The recessed modular (14W or 24W T5 lamps) has a suspended optic for efficient light output with excellent glare control. Whether surface or suspended the Optus IV linear fluorescent (2) brings a visually striking, ultra-modern design feature to commercial and educational premises. It too uses T5 lamps. Graffiti spotlights (3) can switch instantly from a tight focus to flood width. All that’s needed is a quick turn of the rear assembly. With its distinctive oval shape, the Voyager Elite range (4) is a leap forward in the design of emergency lighting but doesn’t lose sight of performance due to an 11W lamp.

Made in ScotlandMade in Scotland

Supplier:  Thorn Lighting

Phone: 020 8732 9800

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Address: Silver Screens
Elstree Way
Borehamwood HERTS WD6 1FE

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