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Accoya® wood

Accoya® wood

Accoya ® has a fast growing reputation as the timber to use when coated timber cladding is required.
It can be used in a wide variety of applications and situations because of its long life, strength and low maintenance requirement.

The performance of Accoya has been extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated both in tests and in practical applications.

• The acetylisation process results in Class 1 Durability, with Accoya equalling or exceeding the durability of tropical hardwoods, such as teak or Meranti.
• Outstanding dimensional stability means there is little warp, twist, swelling or bending, making Accoya ideal for coated cladding.
• The process not only retains the natural strength, beauty and light weight of the wood but adds increased hardness and makes Accoya virtually rot proof.
• Accoya is made to a very stringent highly consistent quality resulting in a 60 year service life.
• The consistent measurable quality runs all the way through the wood allowing us to provide a wide variety of profiles and a product that can be cut and machined on site with no resultant loss in quality.
• Russwood will be opening a new paint and coatings line in early 2009; this means that we will be able to ensure the quality of painting and coating of our timber cladding.
• A major advantage for customers concerned about the cost of natural products is the low ongoing maintenance cost, with a recoating life cycle of 12 years.
• Consistent supply from FSC certified forests, coupled with the environmentally friendly acetylisation process means that Accoya is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and naturally renewable.
• Accoya can also be fire retardant treated.
Accoya wood is the material of choice for exterior cladding where an extremely durable, high quality appearance is required, with a stained or painted finish.

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Accoya® wood
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