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Larch Flooring

Larch Flooring

Russwood’s larch flooring is a great option both for modern as well as traditional styles. Larch is versatile and attractive, with tight growth rings that make for an appealing and durable floor.


Choose from a smooth, sanded finish or a textured finish which is created by wire-brushing the boards, leaving a beautifully accentuated grain. Both surface options are supplied ‘unfinished’, leaving you to apply the preferred coating onsite.

We recommend finishing your larch floor with an Osmo Polyx® Hardwax Oil, which provides long-lasting protection whilst increasing the floor’s durability and stain-repelling properties. Have a look at our website for the colour options available.


Russwood Larch Flooring is available in the following sizes: 19mm thick, 135mm wide, and 1973mm long, with a microbevel on all four sides. 

Made in ScotlandMade in Scotland

Supplier:  Russwood Ltd

Phone: 01540 673 648



Address: Station Sawmill


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