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Blending functionality with stunning design

The new LiftonTRIO is the first home lift of its kind which can accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. It will also carry up to three people in its spacious interior. Technology has combined stunning design with practical features to make sure homeowners who are not as mobile can also enjoy stylish elegance in the home without compromising their living space or their own personal style.

What looks and feels like a generously-proportioned domestic lift has a surprisingly small footprint of only 1040mm x 1378mm. The innovative design of the LiftonTRIO means a wheelchair can enter unimpeded while the clear sides make the home lift blend beautifully into its surroundings.

To further make our luxurious home lifts fully accessible, a gently-angled ramp is provided. The size of the domestic lift means it has been possible to design a wider entrance/exit which makes living with the LiftonTRIO a breeze.

Supplier:  Lifton Home Lifts

Phone: 0808 115 1370



Address: Unit 4, The Courtyard Buildings

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