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Lifton Duo

Lifton Duo

Easy Living with the LiftonDUO

The in-built intelligent technology makes your home lift safe, smooth, efficient and quiet. The LiftonDUO has a remarkably small footprint which measures 1040mm x 760mm – including the rails, so choosing where to position it is a pleasure rather than a chore.

The innovative, self-supporting rails provide flexible placement options; tuck it away or position it centre-stage. Most of all, move freely around your home once again, safe in the knowledge your domestic lift looks great and works perfectly.

There are so many positive benefits of investing in a LiftonDUO. The home lift will quickly become a welcome, yet discreet, addition to your home. Once installed, the unique and intuitive design will ensure simple and easy operation and the extensive safety features will keep you and your family safe, both inside and outside the domestic lift.

You will quickly wonder how you ever managed without one.

Supplier:  Lifton Home Lifts

Phone: 0808 115 1370



Address: Unit 4, The Courtyard Buildings

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