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VG Sila Cladding

VG Sila Cladding

Russwood’s VG SILA boards come in a warm mix of colours, from light reddish brown through to golden browns. The grain of the wood is exceptionally straight and the annual rings are close together. Growth rings mainly run in straight lines on the surface which means minimum risk of surface checking and minimum risk of splinters forming as a result of delamination between the growth rings. When exposed to the elements and sunlight, the colour of the cladding will change to an even shade of grey. If used in a project alongside SILA decking, the weathering of both products will offer consistency of the overall look over time. VG SILA is supplied as a mix of the highest Siberian larch grades with approximately 70% being virtually clear grade (knot free), resulting in a clean, contemporary timber cladding option. VG SILA is comprised of vertical and semi-vertical grain boards. Cut from the heartwood with growth rings ranging from 30 - 90°, VG SILA is more stable than flat sawn boards.

Supplier:  Russwood Ltd

Phone: 01540 673 648



Address: Station Sawmill


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