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Competitively priced, Definition has an uncomplicated design complemented by stunning Stainless Steel hardware and is sure to make a statement wherever it’s found. Definition’s statement of style is only emphasised by its versatility and variety of material options. You can choose from our range of 36 laminate colours in Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC,) or 10 distinctive ColourCoat lacquer choices, so you’ll always find something to suit your design. Featuring marine-grade 304 Stainless Steel fittings, including set back pedestal legs and a circular indicator bolt faceplate, with a sleek Aluminium headrail in a brushed Stainless Steel effect finish. The cubicle exterior remains flush and free from fixings, with divisions fixed to pilasters using Stainless Steel effect u-channels, and wall end pilasters fixed with e-channels or l-channels, depending on the material. With bespoke heights available, Definition is flexible enough to work for almost any washroom space. As standard, MFC and HPL options reach an overall height of 2090mm or 2170mm, while SGL comes to an overall height of 2035mm or 2115mm and ColourCoat is available in 2040mm or 2120mm. The final effect is nothing short of flawless, creating a look for your washroom that achieves an impressive design, with a cost-effective price that will impress you as well. SGL, HPL, MFC Dimensions: Overall Standard Height: 2020mm – 2120mm. Floor Clearance: 20mm or 100mm. Minimum Ceiling Clearance: 20mm. Colourcoat Dimensions: Overall Standard Height: 2040mm or 2120mm, (other bespoke heights being available/) Floor Clearance: 20mm or 100mm/ Minimum Ceiling Clearance: 20mm Headrail aluminium: Brushed Stainless Steel effect/

Made in ScotlandMade in Scotland

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Supplier:  Interplan Panel Systems

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Address: Unit 2/2 Brand Place

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