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Bona Craft Oil 2K

Bona Craft Oil 2K
Providing the natural look of an oiled floor but, when you need extra surface protection, Bona Craft Oil 2K can be overcoated with all versions of Bona Traffic two component waterborne lacquers. Manufactured from modified plant based oil and delivers tough protection to floors in domestic or medium wear environments, even before the application of a lacquer coat.

Compatible with most wood species, even tricky ones such as Cherry and Walnut, floors treated with Bona Craft Oil 2K are ready for light use after just 8 hours and can be overcoated with lacquer, if required, after 12 hours.

Very low VOC content.
Great stain, water and wear resistance.
Available in 12 standard colours plus further custom colours mixed on request.
Wet and dry samples available on request.
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Bona Craft Oil 2K
Supplier:  Bona Limited

Phone: 01908 525 150



Address: 6 Thornton Chase
Linford Wood


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