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Bricoflor Limited

Contact Details

130 High Street
Phone: +441264 980370

Principal Contacts:

Country Manager:
Daniel van Iseghem

Company Statement

BRICOFLOR has specialized in the retail of wallpaper, carpets, and other flooring options since 1970. In 2006 we moved into the online market, offering our services internationally to both commercial and private clients throughout Europe.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have built relationships with well-known brands and manufacturers in the flooring and wallpaper industries. We select the best products when it comes to quality and price-performance.
Ordering is now extremely simple when shopping online on BRICOFLOR UK. We have established logistic centres throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Given out strategic partnerships with top manufacturers, we are flexible to suit the needs of our customers, and are able to fulfil any request, even when it comes to colour matching and specific batches.

Products from Bricoflor Limited

Athena woven vinyl is a relatively young product on the market. It consists of vinyl yarn and strips, woven and heat-rolled to fixate everything. This results in a product with an unique and...

Garage floor tiles are categorised as heavy duty industrial flooring, capable of withstanding heavy loads, like fork lifts, trucks, etc. The garage floor tiles have clean and neat design to...

Architects all over the world appreciate the freedom, of design offered by the enormous variety of ceramic wall and tile products for a wide variety of applications – supplemented by...

Gerflor Senso Lock is a durable and versatile vinyl click flooring family. The 28 available designs cover different styles of wood and stone, to accommodate many different interior styles and...

Modulyss has focused their influence and strength as a manufacturer, on modular carpeting. Modulyss is acclaimed for their high quality and elegant designs, as well as sustainable manufacturing...

The top of the range carpet tiles from SCHATEX® stand for functionality, quality and design. The collections cover the entire spectrum from good value products for use in your living rooms, to...

The Tarkett Starfloor Click collections are a click vinyl flooring family. The different collections are Tarkett Starfloor Click 30, Tarkett Starfloor Click 50, and Tarkett Starfloor Click 55. The...

The self-adhesive Tarkett Starfloor range consists of three collections: Tarkett Starfloor Ceramic, Tarkett Starfloor Classic, and Tarkett Starfloor Vintage. These are technically identical, and...

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