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Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lifts

Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lifts

An easy, adaptable solution, the Stiltz Trio helps wheelchair users live independently at home.


Prices from £13,950

The Stiltz Trio Lift is an innovative wheelchair lift that has been designed to answer wheelchair users’ accessibility needs in the home. Larger than the Stiltz Duo Lift but still compact, the Trio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users with walking frames. The Trio Lift allows you to live independently at home and is the perfect alternative to a stairlift.

Its larger interior cab space and heavier weight load means the lift can carry an extra person, easily transport luggage and carry other bigger items. The Stiltz Trio Lift is the only through floor lift on the market that can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home.

Unlike other wheelchair lifts, the Trio does not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems and is powered by a quiet electric motor drive system. It plugs straight into any normal 13-amp power socket and delivers flawless performance. The Trio Lift does not require load bearing walls as the lift uses the unique Stiltz dual rail technology which creates a self-supporting structure.

Assembled in the UK, the Stiltz Trio Lift offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement in the home. It can be installed in just one day with minimal building work and disruption. From lounge to bedroom or hallway to study, the wheelchair lift requires a remarkably small space so the choice can be yours.

Trio Wheelchair Lifts Range

Stiltz Trio Classic from £13,950 – the Trio is a larger and heavier weight load version of the Duo Classic. Although compact it is still big enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. It is also an ideal lift for anyone using a walking frame.

Stiltz Trio Vista from £14,450 –  has solid side walls and is fitted with a clear body made from structural polycarbonate at the back to give it a contemporary look. The Trio Vista allows natural light to flood in if the home lift is placed in front of or close to a window. It offers all the same features as the Classic.

Stiltz Trio Thru Car from £14,950 –  allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift. This is made possible by the unique Stiltz dual rail technology. There is no other wheelchair lift of this kind on the market that is capable of having a double entry or thru car configuration. It offers all the same features as the Classic.

*Prices include all standard site preparation and installation costs


Phone: 0844 870 9087



Address: Building 5, Bay 1 First Avenue, Pensnett Estate KINGSWINFORD, WEST MIDLANDS, DY6 7TE

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