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FAKRO FTP-V, FTU-V and PTP-V centre pivot roof windows

FAKRO FTP-V, FTU-V and PTP-V centre pivot roof windows
FAKRO centre pivot windows are the FTP-V (natural pine), FTU-V (white PU-coated pine) and PTP-V (PVC). All benefit from features such as the automatic air vent to save heat loss, the TopSafe system of anti-burglary hinge and lock reinforcement and an operating handle in the base of the sash which enables the glazing area to be up to 16% larger than traditional products with their vent in the handle. FAKRO window timber can now be produced to special order in a variety of colours to meet project-specific needs.
Supplier:  Fakro GB Ltd

Phone: 01283 554755

Fax: 01283 224545



Address: Fakro House, Hearthcote Rd
Astron Business Park SWADLINCOTE DE11 9DW

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