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Unfinished Oak Flooring

Unfinished Oak Flooring

A blank canvas; our unfinished oak flooring gives you complete control over the look and finish of your floor.

Unfinished flooring is also commonly referred to as "untreated" or "natural" flooring, due to the wood being delivered in its raw state, requiring a coating before being exposed to foot traffic. 

What surface finishes are available? 

We can deliver unfinished oak planed, sanded, or wire-brushed. When sanded or wire-brushed, we will have filled the knots with a complementary filler so that it blends in better with the wood, whilst our planed unfinished oak's knots are left unfilled for a rustic look. 

What grades are available?

Our European oak unfinished floors are available in three different grades, which are categorised by the presence and size of natural wood knots.

Character Grade

This is our most rustic style of flooring, where knots and imperfections feature and give a natural look to the floor. For a warm, country feel this floor is the optimal choice. 

Prime Grade

Prime boards have less frequent knots and the knots are much smaller in general. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for some character but would prefer a less rustic appearance than Character Grade. 

Prime Plus Grade

If you are looking for an even cleaner, contemporary look then our Prime Plus grade fits the bill. Visually this is our cleanest grade of timber and each board has been carefully selected to ensure that the beautiful grain of the wood is highlighted whilst only a few small pin knots are present. 

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Supplier:  Russwood Ltd

Phone: 01540 673 648



Address: Station Sawmill


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