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8 amazing offices you’ll want to work in

Maintaining an effective workforce is one of the primary concerns of a modern business.
It’s far easier to lose this workforce than to gain it. There are reasons why companies like
Google, Facebook and Red Bull are renowned for being such excellent places to work and it isn’t just about their role in the world; they invest so much in spectacular offices for their employees.

Selgas Cano is an architectural company in Madrid. It isn’t of the same calibre - in terms of size - as the corporations mentioned above, but that doesn’t mean their office isn’t incredible. It was designed by Iwan Baan and is charmingly located within a forest. They create a working environment through slides, games rooms and of course, the tranquil view.

Google obviously deserves a mention when even children are aware of the fact that their office in Zurich has slides. What they don’t know is that the office even has an Aquarium!

AOL are one company mimicking Google’s outlook and by doing so they’ve created an office in Palo Alto in California where there are countless ways to relax as well as work, with cool splashes of colour that you may find on this site.

Comvert, an Italian clothes company based in Milan, have added an indoor skate-bowl into their office. It would be impossible to do anything cooler with spare space.

Dtac, in Bangkok, managed to break a Thai record when creating their new office by being granted the largest lease in the nation’s history. The office even includes indoor football arenas. And of course, having a running track in the office may make things go a little bit faster...

Lego opted to design an office around creating happy environments, so not only are you literally surrounded by Lego while working, you will be in a room designed to keep employees happy. In fact, the design is such that you are perfectly capable of picking up some Lego to play with while getting on with your work.

Moving back to Milan, a company called ThinkGarden have incorporated nature into the design of their offices. Recognising that most people have to work indoors, they brought the outside world in. There probably isn’t a better way to stimulate creativity.

Finally we come to the Wacky Warehouse-esque Corus Quay in Toronto, Canada. 1,100 staff work within a five storey building which includes a three storey slide. Only pictures can do the workplace credit.

With all these offices to choose from, making a decision as to which one would be the best place to work is one of the harder decisions to make. Which would you choose?


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