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AKG Homes

AKG Homes
Client: AKG Homes
Location: Pertshire

Who and Where

AKG homes are a family run property development company based in Aberfeldy in Perthshire who specialise in stone built houses throughout Highland Perthshire. They pride themselves on excellent working standards; this is demonstrated by their affiliation with the Master Builder Federation and they hold the National House Builders Certificate (NHCB). They use local natural product in their builds as much as they can, and demonstrate traditional skills within the build.


The biggest challenge that AKG homes faced was sourcing stone that was of consistent quality and uniformity to create an ascetically pleasing look on the finished project. Glen Douthwaite of AKG homes said: “Sourcing building stone was always a headache”


AKG Homes chose to use Denfind Stone as they knew the quality was consistently good. The service provided made their builds easier and they could rely on stone being delivered when required. Glen Douthwaite said: “Now we can have stone for a whole house delivered to site within days of ordering. Along with consistent quality, delivery in bags makes handling on site so much easier.” “Denfind Stone has simplified the whole process of using stone, high quality and reliable delivery, a great product.”

Why Denfind

At Denfind Stone we pride ourselves on producing quality stone that is consistent and that clients can rely on. We offer a number of services such as delivery and building advice. We deliver our stone in half tonne bags, which means they can be easily manoeuvred to where it’s required and allows the site to be kept neat and tidy.

Phone: 01382 370220

Fax: 01382 370722



Address: Pitairlie Quarry, Denfind Farm

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