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Backcourt Govanhill workshops to make way for mews homes

August 17 2021

Backcourt Govanhill workshops to make way for mews homes

Demolition is on the table for a backcourt workshop in Govanhill under plans to redevelop the site for mews housing - following an earlier bid to re-establish the complete tenement block.

Punjabi Property with Sondh Associates proposes to clear current structures at 75 Westmoreland Street, accessible from a vehicle pend, to provide four homes of two and three bedrooms on the 574sq/m site.

Each property will have access to its own parking space as well as bicycle storage and access to a communal landscaped green stretching to 51sq/m.

In an appearance statement the architect wrote: "In its visual appearance, the development had to strike a fine balance between the vernacular character of the surrounding area and contemporary design trends, respecting the aesthetics of a traditional mews. This has been achieved by implementing a mixture of finishes that complement the overall colour palette of the neighbourhood, but also provide subtle contrast for a more contemporary look.

"The mews design references a sandstone base course of adjacent tenements, while the use of a render serves to break up the elevations and give them a modern edge. The pitched roof of the mews is to be finished with mock slate to create a harmonious transition between existing and proposed buildings."

Adopting open plan living dining spaces overlooking the courtyard and high-level windows to adjacent boundaries to respect privacy the development will retain the massing and footprint of the current building.

Plans are in train to develop a nearby stalled space community garden with further flats
Plans are in train to develop a nearby stalled space community garden with further flats
The properties seek to address a shortage of housing
The properties seek to address a shortage of housing


Dancing Davidson
#1 Posted by Dancing Davidson on 17 Aug 2021 at 13:52 PM
There is nowhere more I would love to live than a backcourt in Govanhiill.
The Bairn
#2 Posted by The Bairn on 17 Aug 2021 at 14:21 PM
Aah so that's what wee Nicola had in mind when she said 'Scotland is ready to play a full part' to aid the impending Afghan refugee crisis ....
Binky McFink
#3 Posted by Binky McFink on 17 Aug 2021 at 16:17 PM
Apparently flat prices have rocketed in Govanhill recently, like they have everywhere in Glasgow. If someone had bough some of the really cheap flats there a couple of years ago they would make a big profit selling them now.
#4 Posted by tiptoe on 17 Aug 2021 at 18:21 PM
Hurrah for "mock slates" , Glasgow architecture is saved!!
#5 Posted by "El" on 18 Aug 2021 at 09:36 AM
Any negative comments on location or politics reflects more on the commenter rather than the scheme its self.
Tbf it doesn't look too braw, but I have no issue with the mews housing being proposed. There are mews housing at Langside Lane, which is only a couple blocks away.
Not sure they can have so much glazing on the boundary though.
FFS imho
#6 Posted by FFS imho on 18 Aug 2021 at 10:48 AM
Shout it....This is not mews housing. It is a terrace of standard 1990's terraced house types.
maureen mcgonigle
#7 Posted by maureen mcgonigle on 8 Mar 2023 at 12:52 PM
It's the dogs now stayed there 10 year's when it was hard to get a house in Govanhill Now people will pay to get out of it it's where they put All the dregs,I feel sorry for the folk that have been there 300/40 years they're stuck in this slum,sad.

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