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Brownfield Aberdeen plot earmarked for 'multi-gabled' flats

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December 7 2016

Brownfield Aberdeen plot earmarked for 'multi-gabled' flats
A brownfield site in Aberdeen has been lined up to host a block of four flats in a planning application filed by Fitzgerald + Associates.

Situated off North Deeside Road the 0.22 acre site will offer private gardens for each home and south facing balconies for upper level dwellings embodying a contemporary design with a ‘multi gabled’ approach.

Explaining this approach the designers said: “Our design approach in relation to this corner site location, presented an opportunity to provide a strong identity, taking a design lead from an adjacent flatted development, where an existing multiple gable granite building was refurbished [ see fig-01 ], I have sought to replicate this multi-gable approach with a contemporary material palette. This gable approach is reflected elsewhere in the locale.”

The new build will be formed from a clay brick base and Scotlarch finished upper floors to contrast with existing buildings in the area.
The corner plot demanded that the build be treated in the round
The corner plot demanded that the build be treated in the round
Windows to the east and west will be limited to prevent overlooking
Windows to the east and west will be limited to prevent overlooking


#1 Posted by David on 7 Dec 2016 at 12:20 PM
I must say I do live contemporary vernacular when it's done well.
#2 Posted by CADMonkey on 7 Dec 2016 at 17:17 PM
Urban Realm
Fitzgerald Associates are "architects" as you say. They do not appear on the RIAD Directory or Architects.
They are a firm of Architectural Technologists. This is indicated on their Design and Access Statement which accompanies this application.
Can you please edit your text on this article.
#3 Posted by Inahuf on 7 Dec 2016 at 22:20 PM
Looks like an overblown rehash and extension of a mediocre Methodist church with a modern flatted villa crashed into the back. Who came up with a roof form that leaves a wee bitty gable on the terraced flat roofs! It's not multi-gabled, it's got multiple personality disorder.
#4 Posted by sge on 8 Dec 2016 at 12:31 PM
#5 Posted by CADMonkey on 13 Dec 2016 at 16:47 PM
I think this is getting off too lightly.
This is a new build block of 1 bedroom flats that takes its design lead from a neighbouring "refurbishment"???
C'mon lads, you are obviously trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot. It actually looks like you have deliberately designed it to look like a conversion!
In the end have created a horrible mish mash of styles and an unbelievable amount of really horrible tricky details.
Must try harder.

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