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The Pock Mark Award

For the worst planning decision

Aberdeen Kingford Stadium (Aberdeen)

Moving a stadium 7 miles outside the city, zero footfall to the site, almost no parking onsite, in greenbelt, breaches council's own planning policy

Arbroath (Scotland)

Arbroath's historic and architectural gems have been successfully hidden to make the rides, chip shops, supermarkets the main attraction of this dismal place. The dual carriageway severs the heart of this town and it is slowly bleeding to death.

Nominated by: Neil

Malcolm Sargent House (Ayrshire)

Malcolm Sargent House
Worst Planning Decision The decision to demolish an historical building and replace it with a development out of the character with the neighbourhood. The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale and out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity.

Bill Mutter

Marischal Square, Aberdeen (Aberdeen)

Marischal Square, Aberdeen
Alison Bandeen
Entombment of a well loved building in Aberdeen by Muse Development The 'Square' that Labour Councillors were bated with has become a 'courtyard' The scale of the development was unknown by said Councillors and now the citizens of Aberdeen have been left bewildered by this monstrosity of a building which has cut out the light that shone on our beautiful Marischal College Planning department 'forgot' to do a shadow analysis at the time of planning submission ?!? I could go on but it's too upsetting

Caroline Inverarity
Horrendous development in Aberdeen, obscuring beautiful old house of Provost Skene ( in the centre of picture one) and destroying the ambiance of our amazing granite Marischal College.

Sarah Flavell
Provost Skenes House and Marischal College are the most blocked an blighted buildings in the development.

W. Clark
Out of place in area and looks like boxes with glass also an eyesore.Looks like a rubbish sixties build.

William Skidmore
The Maruschal Square Muse development is a prime example of planning folly, not to mention financial ineptitude, and fully deserving of the Pick Mark Award. The public wanted to replace the hoghly detested St Nicholas House with an open civic square that would showcase the city's two most iconic buildings, Marischal College and Provost Skene's House. Instead the Council proceeded with the Muse development which overshadows Marischal College, cutting it off from view, and engolfs Provost Skene's House.

Irene Buchan
It is a glass building which does not fit in with the historic iconic buildings. Ie Marischal College and Provost Skene House. It blocks the light from the former and completely envelops the later.

Charlie Duguid
This building is just a glass box with no character. It obscures & dwarfs the oldest building in Aberdeen, Provost Skene’s House, and it is totally out of character with Marischal College, the largest granite structure in Europe, which now sits in its shadow. Labelling this building ugly and out of keeping with its surroundings is an understatement!

Emma Forbes
Ugly modern building built across the street from beautiful old church. There is also an other old house which the building has been built around.

Angie Stephen
You just have to look at it to see why I nominated it

James McKay
There could have been a public square for the use of citizens and visitors for centuries to come. Instead we have a jumble of high-rise boxes which obscure Provost Skene's House and detract from Marischal College.

Paul Gall
Totally out of context with the area. Masking and destroying Provost Skenes House in the process. Without a doubt the worst building to have been thrown up in Scotland for many years

B Donald
Ugly disproportionate building in the wrong location

Louise Gillespie
The people of Aberdeen were never asked if we wanted this or not, also
It is blocking an old historical building! Should have been left as a greenspace

Linda McKay
Many well qualified people questioned this but the Labour leaders were so arrogant that they went ahead and now the tax-payers risk being penalized for many years to come,

Joe of the Coutts
Glass office block in a wrong cramped place opposite a heritage building, Marischal College. Also overpowering another heritage Provost Skene House.

Elaina Crawford
It is one ugly, boring monstrosity of a building that overshadows beautiful older buildings. Most city residents were against it but there it is

Brian Keeley
1. Awful, soulless building shoe-horned into every inch of the planning footprint. 2. It totally envelopes and hides the beautiful Provost Skene's House - the oldest building in Aberdeen. 3. The whole thing was built right opposite Marischal College - the 2nd largest granite building in the world - obscuring any proper view of its magnificent frontage. 4. It was built on brown land, which was once an open, elegant city centre square, and which many people wanted to re-instate to add a touch of class to the city of Aberdeen. 5. The new monstrosity was given the planning go-ahead for 'prime' office and retail space - just in time for the oil slump in Aberdeen, and so most of it remains un-leased. 6.

Dave Knight
Situated between two of the most historical buildings in Aberdeen (the magnificent granite Marischal College and one of the oldest building in Aberdeen - Provost Skene's House), Marischal Square is a gigantic, bland, modernist lump that is completely out of touch with its surroundings. Provost Skene's house has been entombed behind walls of glass and concrete, with Marischal College almost constantly in the shade as the huge Marischal Square towers over it directly from the south.

Hundreds of Aberdonians protested the planning decision outside the council headquarters, preferring a development that was sympathetic to the city's history, but the council ignored them and built this huge, bland monstrosity that decimates the historical centre of Aberdeen.

Marischal Square is a prime candidate for the Pock Mark Award as a result.

ian smart
The people of Aberdeen voted sgainst this eyesore in favour of an open civic space in front of our brilliant Marischal college but no, councilors thought differently. Why oh why?

Joyce C Farquhar
Gross over development of what should have been an open area with low rise buildings, a proper civic square. Ugly monstrous Carbuncles.

William Skidmore
Marischal Square is an architectural glass box of a disgrace, a massive abomination that engolfs the iconic Provost Skene’s House and destroys the view and beauty of Marischal College, the second largest granite building in Europe. The plans were passed in spite of overwhelming public opposition and the public are still bemoaning it two years on. It is in the wrong place, and a horrid blot on the landscape.

Wendy Skidmore
Marischal Square is a disastrous and unsightly development disliked by the majority of the public whose views were ignored by the Council. It was a vanity project pursued by an arrogant Council.

Alex Mitchell
Too big for the site and in relation to the surrounding townscape. Even Marischal College is diminished by it.
Shuts the afternoon sunshine out of Broad Street and leaves the world-famous 'west front' of Marischal College in deep shade. Makes Broad Street even more of a wind tunnel than it was before. Overwhelms and virtually submerges the C.16th Provost Skene's House. Added to which, the new buildings are largely untenanted and redundant.

Strathcona House (Aberdeen)

Strathcona House
Strathcona House is under threat of demolition to make room for the £333m Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. Nominated by William Skidmore

Waterdront Hall Extension (Belfast)

Waterdront Hall Extension
Please find enclosed photos before and after. Words fail me. John Fee

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