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The Carbuncle Awards


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Plook on the Plinth Award

The Pock Mark Award

The Zit Building Award

The darkest recesses of Scotland’s towns are being thrust under the spotlight once more with the Carbuncle Awards, the awards scheme which recognises the most dismal places and spaces that has become a badge of honour for  communities battling indifference, underinvestment and to get their voices heard.

With our High Street’s under attack like never before from the rise of online shopping, centralisation of the economy and loss of historic buildings the Carbuncles have never been more important as a conduit for wider anger to achieve genuine change.

We will establish a campaigning voice on issues for discrepancies in the application of the VAT rate between new build (0%)and refurbishment (20%) and the re-use of empty buildings.

Past winners such as Denny, Cumbernauld and New Cumnock have all gone onto achieve real physical renewal, highlighting the power of the accolade to break through the inertia which can all too often prevail in seemingly intractable problems.

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The Carbuncle Awards
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