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Buildings Archive 2013

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South Block is a new cultural & creative industries hub set within Glasgow’s Merchant City. Positioned on the edge of Merchant City Conservation Area, the city block roots itself as a strong player within the city’s historic civic...

NORD’s modernisation of this typical inter-war bungalow was achieved through extensive consultation with the Planning Authority leading to a subtlety new precedent being set in the application of planning guidelines in a Conservation Area....

An internal reconfiguration of spaces to connect this house to its garden level and let it enjoy the great views over the Firth of Tay. Walls of shelves connect the floors vertically down a new staircase and a big new projecting bay window for the...

This building is the latest contribution to a long collaboration with our client, beginning with construction of their farmhouse in 1999. ZincWoodStone was conceived as architecture, very much of its time rather than a continuation in the language...

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